Showstopping Suits | Hint to Our Next Giveaway!

We’ve never been the ones to shy away from attention, and think every lady needs one suit in her closet that turns heads! Always on the hunt for unique bikinis and innovating designs, we’re happy to say that we’ve scouted out some of the very best. Stylish, unique and sexy– we love them!

{Caliente & La Belle Nuit by AMERICAN HONEY}

When we first laid eyes on American Honey, we were shocked that it was their debut season. Designer Andrea Gomez makes it look like she’s been at this for years, and the two suits above are prime examples of her aesthetic. Part rocker part sultry vixen, we’re loving the aggressive edge Gomez has given her suits.

{Tripulacion 1pc by AGUA BENDITA}

Don’t know about you, but we could definitely see ourselves living in this abroad. Say, the sandy beaches of Barcelona…! One thing is sure, no matter where you go, this plunging neckline will turn heads if you’re daring enough to wear it!

{Komodo & Axel 1pc by AQUA DI LARA}

And finally, these beauties. The liquid-like midnight material on the Komodo suit is gorgeous. One of those things you have to see to believe. And no one can deny that the unique design across the front of the Axel 1pc is one-of-a-kind.

P.S. Stay tuned… we’re having another giveaway and it’s going to be showstopping.

xoxo Molly!

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5 Goooolden Riiiings!

With 5 days left until Christmas we figured it only fitting that we share our favorite 5 golden rings featured on swimwear! Rings are a chic way to add refined glamour to an swim piece, and we think these are beautifully enhanced by the accent. xoxo

Amazing curved ring (for comfort and fit) detailing on this Cosmo + Superstar by VITAMIN A, and the famous hipster D shaped Ring on the Byrdie + D Ring by LSPACE

Pretty and chic gold ring grommet detailing on the Sinitta Coverup by ODABASH

Amazing strappy design anchored by a small golden ring on the Dillon Top by SALT, and two rings featured on the straps on the sexy Lady Jane by AMERICAN HONEY

All are so different but all feature gold ring accents. Which is your favorite?

<3 Molly

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