Fashion Fridays – Molly Brown’s pick of the week – Marissa Dress by Anna Kosturova

Hello Ladies! It’s finally Friday and the much awaited weekend is here! And you know why Fridays are special right?

Because Fridays are Fashion Fridays! And this week we bring you our pick of the week.

This week’s must have item is the Marissa Dress by Anna Kosturova. As you probably already know, this gorgeous cover up dress was seen on Jennifer Aniston in the movie, “Just Go with It (2011)“. Beautiful as she is, Jennifer wears this dress perfectly, with the right footwear and hair. Now, who wouldn’t like to wear something that was worn by the lovely Jen.

Marissa Tennis Dress by Anna Kosturova
Marissa Dress by Anna Kosturova

Crochet is the hottest thing right now, and this dress does crochet like no other. With a tassel ended drawstring waist and cap sleeves, the Marissa Tennis Dress will go perfectly with any swimsuit. Wear it over a bright colored bikini and let the colors shine through. A laced up neckline adds subtle sexiness to this chic cream colored dress.

Love this dress? Pick it up for yourself at Molly Brown’s and just go with it! 😉

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Anna Kosturova’s Salsa Dress – DareTake your Eyes off It!

Anna Kosturova Salsa Dress
Anna Kosturova Salsa Dress

Dare take your eyes off it if you can! This sexy and scintillating mini cover up/ beach dress will bring out the diva in you. Anna Kosturova’s Salsa Dress or Sultry dress will cast its magic spell on the onlookers. We hope they’re able to come out of it soon!

The Salsa Dress is a perfect cover up  if you want to go for a beach party or just lounge around on the deck of the yacht. The white hand crocheted dress is one of swimwear designer’s most beautiful piece of work. Anna Kosturova’s cover-ups and dresses have always been show stealing and breath-taking too!

The designer dress is a halter that ties around the neck and the back. It has sexy broad side cut outs and accentuates just at the right places. The dress from the designer swimwear label will bring out the best of your curves and your body!

Salsa Designer Dress with a Monokini Look!

The dress at the swimwear store has a monokini style upper cut with a little mini skirt in the end. Take my word, you will not be able to let go off it as soon as you set your eyes on it. A walk on the beach in the Salsa Dress is enough to attract. Wear it over a sexy designer bikini or swimwear piece and you will be causing a lot of chaos among fluttering hearts. Yeah, thats for sure!

Anna Kosturova has always offered the best of her artistic creativity. And the Salsa Dress is definitely one of them. Now it’s time for you to get it on you! Do that soon.

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Anna Kosturova Marissa Dress – Diva-stating!

Anna Kosturova Marissa Dress
Anna Kosturova Marissa Dress
The Anna Kosturova Marissa dress is an incredible kimono sleeve mini dress, that is both sexy and concealing. Made entirely from cotton crochet, it feels fantastic, and like everything Anna Kosturova, it fits flawlessly.

Designed with beauty in mind, Anna Kosturova has made a name for herself with simple yet exciting swimwear. An obsession for fashion design has driven her to create a celebrated collection of designer swimwear including bikinis, dresses and cover ups.

Anna Kosturova Marissa Dress – Mini-Magic!

The Anna Kosturova Marissa dress is an amazing addition to an already distinguished collection, with the cotton crochet being both warm for the evening and breathable during the day. It can be worn as a summer dress or beach coverup, and the lace-up neckline detail further means it can be worn in any way.

With a huge following, Anna Kosturova has been creating ultra-high quality swimwear for years, becoming one of the foremost brands in the swimwear world. The Anna Kosturova designer swimwear collection and the Marissa dress is now available at Molly Brown’s!

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