Fashion Fridays – Molly Brown’s pick of the week – Marissa Dress by Anna Kosturova

Hello Ladies! It’s finally Friday and the much awaited weekend is here! And you know why Fridays are special right?

Because Fridays are Fashion Fridays! And this week we bring you our pick of the week.

This week’s must have item is the Marissa Dress by Anna Kosturova. As you probably already know, this gorgeous cover up dress was seen on Jennifer Aniston in the movie, “Just Go with It (2011)“. Beautiful as she is, Jennifer wears this dress perfectly, with the right footwear and hair. Now, who wouldn’t like to wear something that was worn by the lovely Jen.

Marissa Tennis Dress by Anna Kosturova
Marissa Dress by Anna Kosturova

Crochet is the hottest thing right now, and this dress does crochet like no other. With a tassel ended drawstring waist and cap sleeves, the Marissa Tennis Dress will go perfectly with any swimsuit. Wear it over a bright colored bikini and let the colors shine through. A laced up neckline adds subtle sexiness to this chic cream colored dress.

Love this dress? Pick it up for yourself at Molly Brown’s and just go with it! 😉

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As Seen In…

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED! The highly anticipated annual Sports Illustrated Swim Edition is out, and this year’s selections are amazing! It’s always fun to see super models wearing your favorite designer bikinis and in such a prestigious publication like this one. Here are some of our top picks from this issue:

From left to right: Swimsuits by MIKOH and L*SPACE

From left to right: swimsuits by ANNA KOSTUROVA and LULI FAMA

XOXO Molly <3

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Anna Kosturova One-piece – Incredibly Beautiful!

Hip Hop Hottie Swimsuit
Hip Hop Hottie Swimsuit
Anna Kosturova is renowned to have set swimwear trends for dedicated fashion followers over the years. It has been credited with creating ripples in the designer swimwear fashion with its uniquely designed crocheted swim suits and sizzling cover-ups. Keeping up with the trend is Anna Kosturova Hip Hop Hottie, a glamorous one-piece with a unique crochet sea star stitch.

Anna Kosturova Hip Hop Hottie is a sprightly one-piece swim suit embellished with intricate cotton crochet detailing. The sea star crochet stitch through mid section adds grace and elegance to its overall appeal.

Anna Kosturova One-piece – Stylishly revealing!

Anna Kosturova Hip Hop Hottie is THE swim suit of the season. It features a fully lined top with an ultra-hot halter neck and back string ties, that render it a stylish two piece look from behind. It has an intricately designed side-tie bottom that offers a moderate coverage with a fully lined front panel.

This super stylish crochet swim suit is available at Molly Brown’s swim wear station. Graced with intricate cotton crochet detailing and quality fabric, it is sure to steal your heart away. With its incredible designing and super sexy appeal, it is sure to leave your onlookers awe-struck!

So, what are you waiting for? Fetch one for yourself at Molly Brown’s and storm into the swim world with its to-die-for appeal!

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Anna Kosturova Beach Goddess Swimwear – You are the Temptation this Summer!

Anna Kosturova Beach Goddess Swimwear
Anna Kosturova Beach Goddess Swimwear
This summer, Anna Kosturova swimwear promises to send temperatures soaring. Nothing else can be expected with bikinis as hot as the Beach Goddess. A flattering and elegant swimsuit, Beach Goddess looks and feels good. This stunning crochet sliding triangle designer swimsuit gives you a chic look and leave onlookers indulged. Anna Kosturova Beach Goddess swimwear is fully lined and embellished with sequins across a beautiful monochromatic pattern.

An overview of Anna Kosturova Beach Goddess swimwear

The bikini sports flawless details and a simple yet graceful design and promises to embrace your curves astonishingly. Anna Kosturova Beach Goddess swimwear is a perfect swimsuit to make you feel sexy and elegant at the same time. It goes without saying that a royal appeal is also something which is apparent. Anna Kosturova Beach Goddess is made up of luxurious cotton crochet and has an exquisite quality. No wonder it ranks among the hottest designer bikinis to hit the fashion scene this season!

An astounding low tie side bottom with full front panel lining and moderate coverage complete the sultry look. Anna Kosturova Beach Goddess swimwear has a complimentary solid color and single front of sequins which makes this bikini a part of the splendid league.

Flaunt this swimsuit bare or with a cover up on, just get used to stares from open-mouthed spectators. Take the first step of selecting your beach attire at Molly Brown’s. An array of designer swimwear, coverups and accessories are displayed at the store.

Feel divine, feel Anna Kosturova Beach Goddess swimwear!

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