Indah Barong Bikini for the Dusky Beauties On Sandy Shores


The summer has officially begun on June 21st 2014, raising the hotness quotient at the beaches like never before. Girls clad in skimpy designer swimwear enthrall your attention and of course, set newer fashion statements each time. So, what are dusky beauties doing new this season?


Dusky skin on a sandy shore has something so sexy about it! You know the waters are getting gushier and the air hotter when superstar Beyonce or bikini model Ariel Meredith are hitting the beaches in the sexiest piece of swimwear.


Whether you’re pale dark, medium dark or have an ebony-kissed skin tone, you can look as hot and rock any color swimwear! Just pick the correct bathing suit, with a color that suits your tone and you’re ready to turn around heads!


Just because you’re dusky or have tanned your skin a bit too much doesn’t mean there’s a scarcity of color options for you. You can choose from a wide color palette which includes all pastels (blue, pink, green, yellow), bright mocha, jewel tone pinks and purples, lively yellow, minty green and the ever loved black. Do not choose pearly white or creamy white – rule of thumb – but don’t completely oust them from your preference list. You might be able to flaunt creamy white impressively on an ebony skin but be sure a friend before you wear it to the beach.


In addition, prints and abstract designs look lovely on dusky bodies. We say, prints look rather bold and beautiful on dusky bodies than on fairer ones! Choose colorful prints, something like the Indah Barong Bikini at Molly Brown’s designer swimwear store. The skimpy Indah Barong bikini is pure sexiness! The bikini top is a halter that ties at the back and around the neck. The Barong bottom is revealing and has tie strings for an even bolder look. The well blended print of multiple colors enhances the appeal of this bikini even more!



Pick the right bathing suit for your dusky skin tone and add sensuality to your hot avatar with our printed bikinis. Check out Molly Brown’s for a fabulous collection of designer swimwear for men and women.



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Sexy As Ever – Kahala Top by Mikoh

KAdd Newahala bikini top by Mikoh is yet another super sexy designer swimwear piece from their eclectic collection. You’d stand out apart from the crowd in this stunning bathing suit that has no hardware but only amazing use of fabric. Oleema and Kalani Miller get a thumbs up for their creative brains for coming up with the Kahala top.


We are bowled over by the sensual appeal of the Kahala top which is a front criss cross halter bandeau top. The fabric is 80% nylon and 20% spandex for perfect fit on your body and doesn’t slip in water.


Mikoh Kahala Top and Miyako Bottom for 2014 Swimwear Season: Kahala top by Mikoh comes with a skimpy Miyako bottom in same fabric in solid color. Wear it alone, or with a cover up, maybe designer pants or a tunic, you will rise up the temperature on the beach for sure.

Kylie Top Wearing the Kahala Top
Kylie  Wearing the Kahala Top

Mikoh never fails to bring us something sizzling and hot every swimwear season. There’s definitely a standout designer swimsuit by Mikoh each year that scorches the beaches on summer. This year, we give a shout out to Kahala Top and Miyako Bottom.


Celebrities Love the Kahala Top Too And guess who we saw wearing the Kahala Top recently? It was none other than television star and model Kylie Jenner! This hottie was seen donning the beach diva look in Kahala bikini top in a bright summer orange color. Find your color soon at Molly Brown’s. The sun-bathing season is on!

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Are You Up for Maxi Dresses this Season? Let’s See What’s Available

Summers are playful. You are in a joyous mood, ready to let your hair down, spend every Sunday at the beach and relax in an airy bathing suit. However, this playful mood is missing its spark if our sexy Molly Dolls don’t add some glamor to it.

So, are you up for a maxi dresses this season?

Maxi dresses are versatile and super sexy. Summers bring you the chance to mix ‘n’ match your clothing style and make it glamorous by adding maxi dresses to your beach and evening routines. You can wear these to the beach or after beach, just the way you like it. Accessorize it, keep it simple, heels or no heels, bun or hair left open, there’s so much a maxi dress allows you to experiment with. Molly Brown’s has an amazing line of designer swimwear and maxi dresses not to be missed.

And to make it a bit easier for you, we have picked our top 5 maxi dresses available at the store.

Let’s see what’s your style:

Vitamin A Olivia Strapless Maxi – Black Diamond Crochet
Olivia Strapless Maxi is a beautiful dress for the beach. The full lining of the dress makes it perfect to wear it on its own. So, if its not your style on the beach, wear it for a coffee date in the evening.

Olivia Strapless Maxi


Johanne Beck Taylor Maxi Dress
This piece of beauty is a must have in 2014 swimwear season. The strapless maxi dress is designed to fit your body and contour your curves the sexy way.

Taylor Maxi Dress


Luli Fama La Fama Maxi Dress
This hotness is going to get you oodles of attention on the beach this season. It has a deep V plunging neckline, a choker style closure and ties at the neck for a perfect fit. The floor length dress has side slits for a comfy walk and look more than just amazing.

La Fama Maxi Dress


Mara Hoffman Beaded Neck Maxi Dress
This one is a high fashion floor length dress to make you look tall and dainty. This is not a day wear at the beach, but a glamorous pick for an evening dinner. You can also sizzle at a beach after party in this Mara Hoffman creation.

Beaded Neck Maxi Dress


Mikoh Mavericks Dress
Mikoh has designer swimwear and resort wear to die for, and this one is no different. The Mavericks Dress is a grab-it-now maxi dress in white. It has a high neck with deep plunging cuts at the back. You can stroll on the beach flawlessly in this high side slit dress.

Mavericks Dress

So ladies it’s time to pick your style of maxi dress at Molly Brown’s soonest. The beach Sundays are not too far!

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Molly Brown’s List of Top 10 Bikini Bods of All Times

A bikini makes you look hot, but a perfect body can make a bikini look hotter! And these are the kind of bodies we are talking about. Every woman has her own sex appeal and we definitely don’t vouch for size zero ladies only. Our list includes women of all ages and sizes, who have defined hotness their own way.

Here we have for you – Top 10 bikini bods that have oomph and sexiness flowing in abundance (in no particular order) :

Gisele Bundchen

Image Courtesy – Google


Jessica Biel

Image Courtesy – Google


Kim Kardashian

Image Courtesy – Google


Erin Heatherton

Image Courtesy – Google


Katy Perry

Image Courtesy – Google


Joanna Krupa 

Image Courtesy – Google


Megan Fox

Image Courtesy – Google


Jessica Alba

Image Courtesy – Google



Image Courtesy – Google


Miranda Kerr

Image Courtesy – Google


These timeless beauties are our favorite beach divas, who have never failed to rock the swimwear season by just showing up. Let us know who is your all time favorite when it comes to dressing down to a sexy bathing suit.

And if you are looking for a bikini to match your sexy body, find it here.

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