Beach Bunny Swimwear – The Secret to Sensuality

Beach Bunny Swimwear
Beach Bunny Swimwear
Beach Bunny swimwear is for the lady who is far from coy. Designed by Angela Chittenden, Beach Bunny has always managed to reign style files and hearts. Since 2004, this swimwear has graced the cover pages of major U.S magazines like Maxim, Stuff, Ocean Drive and Oxygen.

Beach Bunny
has set its repute in the surf world, so much so, that it has become a summer fashion staple now. Top notch celebrities like Jessica Alba, Sienna Miller, Salma Hayek and Jessica Simpson continue to sing its praises.

Beach Bunny – Chic culture is on

The beachwear is for the fun loving, flamboyant and flirtatious woman and there are no two ways about it. Once at it, you can captivate more onlookers than expected and heat up the beaches more than the norm.

Luxury fabrics, stunning embellishments and exquisite designs define Beach Bunny swimwear line aptly. The signature has almost always given fashion forward ladies fair reasons to love summers. And 2009 is no different. Adorn any of the latest Beach Bunny pieces and you can cruise through looking gorgeous whilst catching up on some rays.

For all those waiting in anticipation to learn about one stop trusty shop for beachwear needs, we suggest Molly Brown’s. The store displays an array of designer swimsuits, apparels, cover ups and accessories which can keep you coming back every time summers are declared.

Sas-it-up with Beach Bunny and rule the beaches yet again!

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Beach Bunny Need you Tonight Bikini – Pleasure Redefined

Beach Bunny Need You Tonight Bikini
Beach Bunny Need You Tonight Bikini
What’s common between beach and pleasure? Well beauty ofcourse! Be ready to be bowled over for it’s the beautiful Beach Bunny, the swimwear line which can be flirtatious and fun all at the same time. The Beach Bunny signature impressed year after year with their mesmerizing designs. One of the pioneers of the beachwear fashion, Angela has yet again awed the fashion stylists by introducing her Need you Tonight bikini in 2009.

All about zing, bling and glamor, the Beach Bunny Need you Tonight swimsuit is one of its kinds which is already making its mark among hot favorites this summer. Having graced celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Salma Hayek, Sienna Miller and Eva Parker, the Beach Bunny manages to flawlessly reign the haute couture realm.

Beach Bunny Need you Tonight Swimsuit – For Perfect Escapades!

An out and out eye candy swimsuit, the Need you Tonight features a sliding triangle top with a sassy red lace trim patent leather brows and incredible bead detail at the center. The Brazilian numero uno bikini bottom has lace side panels. The rear is gathered which gives you the desired sultry appeal.

The Beach Bunny Need you Tonight swimsuit has also been featured in the 2009 Sports Illustrated Season.

Molly Brown’s is the place to be for all your beachwear desires. If there is room for more cravings, then and accessorize yourself at this one stop station. Accentuate your oomph by adorning their designer cover ups as well.

Fashion is all about pleasures this summer, adorn the Need you Tonight bikini and realize it for yourself!

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