Resort Wear: From Brunch to the Beach!


Happy Friday Molly Dolls!


This Fashion Friday is all about resort wear that can not only be worn over your suit at the beach or resort, but also as day or nighttime wear!

The best pieces of any wardrobe are the versatile ones!


LS- Mali Romper
LS- Mali Romper







This L*Space Mali Romper is a consistent favorite every season and an absolute staple in anyone’s wardrobe.  Crochet lace detailing along the shoulder with a nearly open back that ties.  Great outfit for boarding a plane to your favorite resort or walking around the beach!











This Tiger Lily Agar Mumu is a great boho-chic style.  Dress up with accessories and wedges for the perfect brunch outfit or dress down and head to the beach!  Slight plunge neckline with deep-V back.

TL- Agar Mumu
TL- Agar Mumu



ID- Akina Crisscross
ID- Akina Crisscross


This Indah Akina Crisscross Mini dress is a great dress for a night on the town or an easy piece to wear by the pool. Cutouts in the front with criss cross stringed design in the back create a sexy chic look.



PB- Sea Star Jumper
PB- Sea Star Jumper





The Planet Blue Sea Star Jumper is a combo of flirty and functional!  Free flowing short style, able to pair with an oversized cardigan and boots for a great fall look or wear at the pool at any resort. Cut outs on the side for a subtle flirt look.




All pieces are easy to pack and are great transitional items for any occasion!  Check out the rest of our apparel here! 




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Bikinis and Beaches (III) – Molly Brown’s cocktail of elegance and luxury for those great beachcapades

Soneva Fushi – Maldives


Slow down, simplify and enjoy life.

This place doesn’t just have character, it emanates charisma. It’s magnetic, like someone who knows himself, knows the world and greets it with a big, sunny smile.

Conscious of both mind and bodily health and yet utterly luxurious, here you slow down, you simplify and you enjoy.

You may snorkel with the resident biologist to better see and appreciate the life on the housereef or go on nature walks through the island, along the lily-lined paths under the thick canopy of mature palms. You might also visit the site where turtles lay their eggs on the beach. The beach itself is, yes, one of the best of all resort islands.

Everywhere the architecture follows nature’s precedent. The materials are warm, tactile and unrefined. They seem to have grown organically, sprouting walkways, pools, balconies, footbridges, pavilions and daybeds. It is not all rustic, it is chic too and all the luxuries are present, discreetly.

So why not don yourself with this hued-and-haute glamorous Rope Back Dress from PilyQ for conquering those shores on the other side of the hemisphere. :)

Rope Back Dress - PilyQ
European inspired ‘cabana chic’ swimwear, PilyQ is known for its classy & elegant designs while still keeping the sexiness intact. Perfect fabrics that have the best texture, one-of-a-kind prints, playful colors and sparkling embellishments make each Pily Q swimsuit a work of art.

When you live slowly, it takes a while to get around to everything you’d like to do. So we want you to have finest quality and best comfort for your sunkissed skin.

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Spring is here and so are the festivals! Our “Festival Ready” Couture Collection is here to Fix All Your Wardrobe Worries

Sunny days, starry nights, flowers all around and the music so fine! Yes! It’s the happy month of March and soon it will be April a.k.a the best time of the year – Spring and then there would begin the onslaught of festivals. (Yay!) Are you lovely Molly dolls ready or worried about keeping your festival dates because of a retrograde wardrobe? If you’re ready with your dresses, swimwear, head-to-toe accessories, then we’d like to entice you with something and if not then our “Festival Ready” collection will be your savior!

There’s still time as festivals are still a few sleeps away as most of them would pick pace in the month of June. But still being ready in time will prevent a lot of anxiety later on. Just like the spring we’d rather have our Molly dolls smiling and all-sunny instead of fretting on what to wear. So just relax and browse through our Festival Ready Collection that has the following for your wardrobe and style:

1) Tank and Maxi Dresses – Sometimes a teeny dash of fabric won’t do the magic as much as a cascade of silk wrapped around your body. Yes, we are talking about full length and short beach dresses which are oh-so classy and perfect for those laid-back mornings and dusky evenings which make perfect settings for sunset parties and alfresco musical shows.

Maxi Dresses
Maxi Dresses

2) Crochet Shorts – There’s nothing cuter than our bottoms hugged by skimpy crochet shorts! How can you resist having one of these pretty-little-things in your wardrobe when they guarantee you a wonderful look and style statement.

Crochet Shorts
Crochet Shorts

3) Lace Tops & Fringe Bottoms – Women and lace are like the perfect shoes with a dress – a little incomplete without each other. Lacey swimwear is an evergreen favorite among all kinds of beach divas and rarely misses the mark in any season. This year too, 2014 swimwear trends willingly acknowledge the eternal femininity of laced swimwear and tasseled designs.


Lace Tops
Lace Tops
Fringe Bottoms
Fringe Bottom

















4) Haute couture pants – If you ever want to flaunt your long curvaceous legs in something other than a skirt or shorts then those relaxing yoga pants would be our choice for you. Surprised? No we are not talking about those flattening and comfy-but-sloppy yoga pants. We are talking shapely pants that play the sexy for whatever you wear on top.

Crochet Pants
Crochet Pants

Apart from these, we have a great collection of bikinis which are embroidered in the right amount of Boho spirit that you need to live the festival spirit! Plus there are beach accessories that you can shop to complete your entire festival look.

Hurry, shop before everyone walks away with their favorites, except you.

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How to ace the perfect beach look and what do you need for it.


Corsica Top Tortola Bottom
Corsica Top Tortola Bottom

The beach season is just around the corner and swimwear stores are abuzz with activity, bringing out the latest collections of major swimwear brands to display. But before you dive right into shopping to upgrade your beach wardrobe, you might want to make a list of what all you need to set the temperatures soaring at the beach. Lucky for you, we have done the homework. Without further ado, here goes:

A stunning bikini: This, of course, is the most important item of them all. With scores of designs and options available, from monokinis to bikinis to mix and match bikinis, pick one that describes your personality best. Check out the latest collections available at Molly Brown’s and pick the perfect bikini for you.

A stunning coverup: Gone are the days when a cover up used to be simple and just something you throw over a bikini. Cover ups have evolved into ultra sexy ensemble of fabric and are a fashion statement themselves. From dress cover ups to kaftans, cover ups are definitely something you need to shift your focus on. Experiment with long or short cover ups and watch how men and boys drool.

Beach hats: Not only do beach hats look uber cool, but also save your pretty face from the sun. Get a wide-brimmed hat for the perfect beach look.

Beach Bags: A good bag can make quite an impression. The 2014 collections have beach bags of all kinds, from printed totes to embellished ones to the unique jelly totes. Pick a beach bag that is large enough to hold all your supplies.

Accessories: No look, beach or otherwise, is complete without the right accessories. On the beach, you need to match your accessories with your bikini and coverup. If you are a fan of plunging necklines, get a statement neckpiece and simple stud earrings. Bracelets, rings and earrings are all accessories you need to be careful while using. Pick one unique accessory and let it do all the talking.

The Right Kind of Makeup: On the beach, natural looking makeup works best. Overdoing it will only make one look caked. Keep it simple. Have a light shade of lipgloss on your lips, ideally one that is a lip balm as well. On the eyes, stick to eyeliner and mascara only and do not go over the top. Stick to the style that suits you best. Add a slight blush to the cheeks and voila! You’re ready for the beach! Also, do not forget sunscreen. You do not want crazy tan lines!

The Right Kind of Hair: Loose waves, slick straight, top knot or a messy bun. On the beach, you can experiment with your hair, as you feel comfortable. Let them loose, mess them up occasionally or tie them up in a cute braid/ bun and pair some hair accessories with them. This one, do what your heart desires.

And, The Right Footwear: Beach footwear must be functional and stylish, so that you can frolic around in the sands and the sea without having to worry about spoiling your footwear. For this, we suggest getting flip flops, as they serve as the best beach footwear of all times. Browse through our footwear selection to pick one for this beach season!

There! This is pretty much what you will need to perfect the sexy, sultry, sun kissed look. Did we miss anything? What are your essentials to get ready for the beach? Share them in the comments below! :)



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2014 Swimwear Trends – The Year Of Free-Spirited Fashion!

Each time a new year dawns, the Internet fashion circuit and all the fashion magazines start speculating about the trends to follow in that year. The dawn of 2014 is no different and the topic too relevant to be ignored. So here’s our take on the 2014 swimwear fashion trends.

Our store, if you have noticed is already stocked-a-block with the latest designer swimwear inventory from all top players. And the common streak in all of the bikinis, swim suits, cover ups and dresses this season is an unabashed neglect for following any kind of trend!

Whether it’s going back to the 70s, reviving last year’s trend, re-inventing a love for colors, prints and embellishments or incorporating different cultural influences into bikini designs. – this year’s swimwear fashion spectrum has it all! Let’s see what’s in store for our beach divas, who wouldn’t be disappointed one bit with swimwear fashion being at its eclectic best!

What’s New? 

2014 Bikinis and Swimsuits
2014 Bikinis and Swimsuits
  • A heartwarming love for naturals! Yes, from working with natural colors to going for natural fabrics, designers are nodding a full-headed yes to going all natural. There are certain brands such as Greenleeswim who have introduced the Little Recycled Bikinis or (LRB) and met with huge success.
  • As 2014 is witnessing no single predominant or prevailing trend in terms of colors or fabrics, the preference for natural tones and pastel shades is perfectly balanced by corals, neons, bright solid tones and digital prints for bikinis, dresses and cover ups.
  • Use of embellishments is back. Although the revival is not that pronounced but this trend sure makes its presence felt in beaded bikinis and dresses with beaded tassels.
  • As for the prints – you can sense a massive influence of different places, technology and the unabashed acceptance of and openness to the flea market vogue around the world.

This year’s beach and resortwear is inspired by summer, sea, parties and all things fun! There has never been more variety than what each designer is offering this season.

Carried Over from the Past


2014 Cover Ups and Dresses
  • Some things never go out of fashion and why should they, especially when they are crochet or bustiers. Do we see a smile there? We knew you would love crochet dresses and sexy bustier bikini tops!
  • Apart from crochet, the knotty macramé makes a powerful come back on innovative monokinis and bikini designs.
  • Cover ups, maxi dresses and trendy beach pants are also ruling the runways and will be the hot things this season.

There’s a new entrant this season – Activewear – the stylish Fox swimwear for sporty gals who want the comfort, functionality and oodles of style threaded altogether in their swimwear –

Nothing is same as it was; yet the more things change, the more they remain the same that is: sexy, sensual, stunning, full of character and fabulous!

Connect with us on Pinterest, to know the latest 2014 swimwear trends at: or Instagram at:

Shop the best among the best swimwear and activewear pieces at Molly Brown’s!

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Buy Designer Resort Wear to Flaunt Sexy Curves

Designer resort wear retailed at Molly Brown’s store pays special attention to contours and curves it seems. So to all women who were waiting until now to drape their curves in perfection, start splurging! Curvy figure does not mean that you are over-sized. In fact a good body shape is curvaceous! Just show them off in the right kind of swimwear.

Don’t hide those contours behind those ill-fitting cover-ups. Designer swimwear store has excellent collection of swimwear bikinis  guaranteeing to make you look your curvy best.

One-piece swimwear is a very good option for curvy women as it gives more coverage and flatters at the right places. Also, you can keep the torso area in net or a more satiny fabric to distract where and however you want to.

Keep the necklines of the swimwear piece low and preferably V-shape. Don’t tighten yourself up till the neck. All the charm and sensuality will turn into a fashion-fiasco. Do the same with cover-up and beach dresses. Keep their neck lines plunging and deep. That is how you’ll swing the crowd to your curvy moves!

Swimwear Cover-Ups for Curvaceous Figures
If you are still a bit apprehensive to be ‘totally-out-there’, then cover ups are not a bad option. However rightly cut and created cover up dresses is what you should be looking at/ for. Appealing and accentuating cover-ups and beach dresses for curvaceous figures are easily available. Molly Brown’s carries some of the best cover up dresses there are. Another important tip: Curvy women should go for longer beach dresses, if thighs are an issue. If you like to flaunt what you have, wear any designer cover-up in your own size.

Also remember, a cover-up dress is supposed to be a little loosely fitted. It should not be body hugging and in case of a curvaceous figure, it should never dig into your skin. You can also go for fuller and rounder prints in case you’re really conscious (read anxious) of those sexy curves.

Now you know the secret to look sensual yet mesmerizing in whatever size you are. So step out and enjoy the summer. It’s beach time! And the Molly Brown’s annual 50% discount is applicable on cover ups and beach dresses too.

Want to buy your favorite designer swimwear bikinis or want some answers, email us at:

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Funky Havaianas Available at the Women’s Swimwear Store, Molly Brown’s Swimwear

August 12th 2010, Newport Beach, CA

Funky and comfortable Havaians are offered at the resort wear store, Molly Brown’ s Swimwear  ( The comfort wear Havaianas sandals can be viewed at:”Designer Swimwear” href=”” target=”_blank”>designer swimwear brands, accessories and swimwear fashion jewelry. The best among the designer swimwear brands including Vitamin A, Poko Pano, Caffe, L Space, Despi, Tori Praver, Luxe, Vix, Beach Bunny, Ondademar and other are retailed at the store.

Havaianas are also a part of the stunning resort wear collection at the swimwear store. Havaianas sandals and flip flops with exuberant comfort and convenience are available at the store.

Flip flops in various color patterns and designs can be purchased at Molly Brown’s along with designer swimwear. Havaianas with embellishments such as Swarovski crystals and beads are also part of the flip flops collection. The variety is amazing and these are a must have for the summer season.

A representative at Molly Brown’s said, “Havaianas, more fondly known as flip flops are as important as your designer swimwear. If you are adorning a stunning women’s swimwear piece and the footwear is not matched, then you won’t be able to carry out the total stunner look. Don’t take that embarrassment on you. Molly Brown’s has a great collection of Havaianas to pick from and compliment your sexy designer bikinis and other summer beach dresses.”

Designed and crafted according to a wearer’s needs, the havaianas sandals offer complete comfort and is adjustable according to one’s feet.

“Flip Flops are awesome for the sweating summers where feet cramped in shoes and covered footwear can cause great distress.Havaianas are a great alternative in such a case and are summer staples as well! Also, these help you make your own style statement. The slippers are cushioned and would be extremely comfortable.” concluded the representative.

Molly Brown’s swimwear store has an interesting collection of cover-ups and beach dresses by the popular designers.

Shop for Havaianas from the Molly Brown’s store at:”Molly Brown’s Swimwear” href=” ” target=”_blank”>

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Exclusive Collection of L Space Cover-Ups on offer at Molly Brown’s

July 20th 2010 Newport Beach, CA

Exclusive collection of L Space Cover-ups can be purchased at the resort wear store Molly Brown’s ( The stunning collection of cover-ups available at the swimwear store can be viewed at:”L Space Swimwear” href=”” target=”_blank”>”Designer Swimwear” href=” ” target=”_blank”>designer swimwear and cover-ups are a favorite among various fashion conscious celebrities. L Space designer swimwear collection is handcrafted with minute detailing on high quality fabric. Just as 2010 L Space bikinis and swimsuits, L Space cover ups are being counted among the hot designs of swimwear 2010.

Cover-ups and beach dresses by L Space are feminine, chic, elegant, sporty and functional.  The present collection includes party jumpers, jumpers, Krissy dresses, Gia dresses and strapless dresses.

A representative from Molly Brown’s added, “L Space’s cover-up collection is among the best this season. The dresses are totally up on the glamor quotient and pretty deviant from the regular cover-ups we’ve seen over the years. They are wearable and sexy enough to jealous. And if you are looking for fashion, sex appeal, outdoorsy essence, class and panache all in one dress then L Space is what you must have!”

L Space swimwear 2010 bikinis have also been covered in the 2010 edition of Sports Illustrated.

“The cover-ups and beach dresses by L Space women’s swimwear are also great for a pool bash, a beach party, a date on the deck or an outing with the girls – that can be really romantic. With the high-end L Space cover-ups/ dresses hogging a lot of limelight; beachwear fashion will definitely not remain restricted to bikinis.” concluded the representative.

L Space resort wear swimsuits and cover-up dresses are on offer for the summer 2010 at Molly Brown’s swimwear store.

The stunning collection of cover-ups and beach dresses available at the resort wear store can be viewed at :”Molly Brown’s Swimwear” href=”” target=”_blank”>

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