Molly Brown’s Fashion Fridays – Pick of the Week – Love Story by Lulu DK

Hey Beautiful!


Ready to rock the beaches on the weekend and get some tan?


We have just the perfect accessory for your beach outfit in this edition of Fashion Fridays at Molly Brown’s!


Wanna know what it is?


See for yourself!






It is the Love Story Jewelry Tattoo by Lulu DK!




Surprised aren’t we!


Skin is in and so are the temporary tattoos we loved so much when we were little. Wanna know a secret?


They haven’t changed since. These are applied with the same technique that we used as kids. Peel the film off, place it and press it with a damp cloth and bingo!




Temporary jewelry tattoos are the coolest thing on the block and pretty awesome too. They look just like jewelry and do not come off in water. Gone are the days when you had to worry about your necklaces or bracelets getting lost in the water. Just smack on some of these gorgeous designs and you are ready to sparkle!


The Love Story Jewelry Tattoo comes in the metallic shades of Gold and Silver, which are perfect colors for beach jewelry as well.




Go on, try them on, reminisce your childhood and enjoy the cool blue waters of the sea without any worries!


And as always, keep it stylish :)

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How much of a Fashion Faux Pas is it to carry a tote wearing a bikini? Let’s Find Out

Think beach fashion and you can imagine yourself being bombarded by a truck load of bikini images, beach accessories and even style statements that may look great on the ramp but fall flat on their shining heads when they reach the sand and the sea. Not every look you see on magazines, tabloids or even TV will work for you and you’d better be a discerning judge when trying them out just as they are. When it comes to finalizing your look for your next beach visit because it may not come without scrutiny.


Here we’ll cover a commonly seen trend on the beach and conclude whether or not it is a fashion faux pas. We are talking about the tote and bikini combination.


So let’s make a picture for you. Imagine a beautiful sunny morning and the best beach of Europe. Ibiza, you thinking? Ibiza it is then. Now imagine you catching a sight of a beautiful bikini-clad girl’s side profile. Love her bikini? The color, the hair everything? And wait till she turns to face you and BLOP! In your face.. a beach tote hanging on the other side. Of course it’s not as bad as irregular tan lines or socks with sandals, mankinis, Hawaiian style shirts and shorts, yet it can still be a sight for the sore eyes even when it’s matching the outfit like a perfect square peg. Especially for the connoisseurs of the swimwear world.


Think about it. What does a bikini signify? Freedom and independence from clothes and the license to forget the worries of the world and dive right in to the cool blue waters. Doesn’t it? Then why carry a cumbersome tote to ruin that couldn’t-care-less vibe going for you.

Of course, we’ve heard and know it all. How totes are so wonderful, so functional and even that they are super stylish. And they indeed are but when hanging on an arm of a bikini-clad women all they seem are chunky, avoidable and not trendy. Totes are to bikinis what heels are to a football ground, forgivable but not fashionable.


But then, not carrying a tote to a beach in unimaginable! Where are you supposed to keep your sunscreen, phone, towel and other essentials? So what’s the middle ground, the remedy? Simple. Enter the beach wearing a sexy flowy cover up or a beach dress over your bikini and leave all your add-ons behind – your dress, your tote, etc. when it’s time to reveal your bikini self.


At Molly Brown’s we have bikinis, totes and the cover ups to get you started on the practice of leaving your totes behind when its time to flash your bikinis. Here’s a triptych that may impress.


Bikini, Cover Up and Tote



The bikini and the cover dress in the image are Cecilia Prado pieces which you can view and purchase by clicking the link. The Tote is a Caffe creation and can be picked up here.


P.S – Don’t be naïve to leaving them any and everywhere, make sure there’s somebody watching your things when you are diving or being a swimwear diva.

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Sundays at the Beach Couldn’t Get Anymore Fashionable – Beach Accessories & Lots More

Fashion is an integral part of a girl’s life, especially when it’s summers and the beaches are playing the temptress. Beach fashion is beyond bathing suits and cover ups these days. There is so much more you can add to your look, to have a perfect 10/10 score when you step on the sand. Getting into a sexy bikini is one thing, but adorning a beach diva look is what we are talking about.

Compiled below is a checklist of all the must-have beach accessories to go with your swimwear.
And we can start with hats!

Hats on beach are hot.

Designer Hats

They save you from the sun and raise the glamor quotient to the next level. You don’t really need to go for bigger hats on the beach, unless you want to partake in a fashion fad, just appropriate size hats are amazing to go. Designer hats by Odabash and TLC and You are a perfect choice. They have some exquisite pieces that definitely add oodles of sexiness to your beach look.

And a girl’s look is so incomplete without bags.

Designer Tote Bags

A tote on beach is a good idea. Tote bags are spacious and carry all your essentials like a dress change, sun tan, something to munch, phone accessories and lots more in there. Designer tote bags from Caffe and OndadeMar are a superb pick this season. Colorful and plaid designer tote bags a highly recommended to complete your Sunday beach look this season.

Going further, we can stumble upon belts.

Designer Belts

Belts are a fashion accessory that never go wrong, but on a swimwear, it’s a little experimental. Belts on bikini is a big no but on a full cover bathing suit or a sultry cover up, they might just be a fashion statement. You can team up a stylish designer belt with a cover up or a beach dress for most impact. Belts from TLC are very fashion forward and would be amazing on a beach dress/cover up.

And a pair of footwear to complete the look.

Beach Footwear

A pair of comfortable and good looking Havaianas is the first things coming to mind when you have to hit the beach. Though it’s mostly barefoot, running around the beach in flip flops is a good idea to save your feet from bruises and unwanted slimy creatures. Designer footwear by Havaianas and Melissa is good looking and comfortable to match your Sunday beach look. You can even wear them to a beach after party or a coffee date right after your beach spree.

This is how a Sunday at the beach can be so fashionable and stylish for you. Just a little thought into it and you could well have a lot of turning heads the next Sunday you hit the beach.

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