It’s Hot. Wear Beach Riot.

Beach Riot
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Born out of Newport Beach, Beach Riot swimwear is an audacious brand that’s the brainchild of blond bombshell, Nicole Hanriot.

Though Hanriot comes across as soft-spoken and shy, she’s far from timid when it comes to hopping on the fast track to making her dreams a reality.

As the new kid on the block of swimwear fashion, Nicole transformed her dream into reality when she decided to create her own brand, Beach Riot. Its style is a contemporary chic meets surfer girl with bright color combinations and a sporty style.

Beach Riot bikini designs are playful and sexy with an unexpected, yet beautiful touch of crochet and lace.

Starting out from it’s infancy as a trend-setter, Beach Riot swimwear encourages their fans to “Riot on the Beach, Party in the Street” and wear their beachwear to music festivals or as ready-to-wear looks.

We have gotten our hands on this exciting collection, here at Molly Brown’s, so that women can actually wear Beach Riot bikinis in their street looks.

Beach Riot
Beach Riot
Beach Riot

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Dressing for Coachella. Molly Brown’s can help.


Is dressing for Coachella something you look forward to? Molly Brown’s Swimwear can certainly help get you outfitted for the weekend.  With choices ranging from a one piece paired with shorts to that perfect romper or sundress, we can certainly cover all the angles. While we obviously can’t list every item in our stores or on our website, we can give you a few options to get you started.  One option we have selected is this ruffled Quartz top created by Beach Riot. We suggest pairing it with shorts or a skirt, and maybe a cute hat, to help beat the heat.

A second option for pairing with shorts is the Bad News Bonnie one-piece, created by Boys + Arrows. This suit almost feels like it was created specifically for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. We also see this suit as a base final_edits-163_1024x1024to a skirt, long or short, or even with some cover-ups.

A still popular trend carrying over from past years is wearing the romper. The shapes and styles and unique designs have been adapted by so many designers we couldn’t possible list them all. One we are excited to see this year comes from Gypsey 05, who has created a whole collection with similar color block and designs for this time of year. We have selected the Crossback Romper this year. Alone, or with your favorite accessories, it is guaranteed to turn heads.

We also suggest the Wanderer Ov5_s541-5319-35-002-1eralls by Auguste.  This soft, flowing design with comfortable shoulder straps can be paired easily with a pair of flip-flops or a cute pair of booties.

Staying within the romper style of outfit, we have selected two more options, but with long sleeves. We have had great response to the Boho Romper designed by Blue Life. There is nothing not to love about this dress-like romper! The billowy 60’s bell-sleeves complement the plunging neckline and extra short shorts perfectly. Loose fitting and breathable, it is perfect for triple digit days and less than warr046-0086_vintagetrack_1m desert evenings.

Our final selection is the Ruffled Dress presented by Ale’ by Alessandra. Having attended her fair share of music festivals, we have to believe Alessandra Ambrosia had this type of weekend in mind when designing this cute little number. Made in an ultra soft and light-weight fabric that is perfect for the hotter seasons, and a thigh skirting hemline that’ll show off your summer tan. A cute pair of boots and a floppy hat and you should be set for the day.





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Molly Brown’s Fashion Fridays – Pick of the Week – Beach Riot Swimwear

The most blissful days of the week, otherwise known as the weekend, are here again. No matter from which part of the world you are , it’s sure as hell that it makes you happy!

And as always, we bring to you Molly Brown’s Fashion Friday Pick of the week.

This week’s crown goes to Beach Riot Swimwear – The perfect brand for the Californian girl!



The hot and sexy Nicole Hanriot is the creator behind this relaxed and incredibly chic swimwear line. Growing up in Newport Beach, she lived her whole life around swimsuits and beaches. And she took that love along with her passion for swimwear and made her dream come true by creating her own swimwear line.

Nicole describes Beach Riot as the California Beach babe swim brand, a mix between contemporary chic and surfer girl. And this statement couldn’t be any more truer. The designs are a mixture of edgy and cute which make them stand out in the crowd.

Browse through the Beach Riot Collection at Molly Brown’s and pick up your favorite one before they go all out!

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Molly Brown’s Swimwear Store All Set For 2014

It’s only going to get hotter now! Fellow Americans, we know how the record breaking temperatures have made us all sun-starved; but not for long because Molly Brown’s promises to bring some real steamy hot respite as the year progresses.

What’s on the platter for January?

Brand new designer swimwear brands! We have the latest 2014 collection from all leading designer swimwear and new high-end brands on the block, as mentioned below:

  1. Boys + Arrows – Yes, this spunky bikinis and swimwear brand can now be found at your very own Molly Brown’s store.
  2. Cecilia Prado – This brand offers prettily cut and flirty feminine cuts that can give any old player a run for his money in the swimwear industry; watch out for this sexy range in 2014.
  3. Beach Riot – This brand couldn’t have been named better. Perfectly designed so that whenever you step out in the sand or sun wearing a swimwear piece from this brand, you will cause a stir, nothing short of a riot.
  4. Bettinis – We thought we had seen all the ‘sexy’ out there. But Bettinis put us in our place with is stunningly sensual line of 2014 bikinis.
  5. Frankie’s Bikinis – Cool, casual and effortlessly stylish, Frankie’s Bikinis are for all those laid back beach girls who want to look good but don’t want to stress about it.
  6. Lolli – Have you wondered what would it be like to gift wrap yourself in sexiness? Well that’s exactly what Lolli swimwear pieces are –cute and sexy wraps for the sexy you.

The list is long! We have Eberjey, Fox (Swimwear and activewear), Dolcessa and we are also overloaded on beachwear and swim accessories! If there’s anything that you can be sure of in 2014, it’s about looking your best ever self on the beach with a little help from us!

And Boys: This year Molly Brown’s big basket of amazing beachwear fashion also includes sporty and manly men’s swimwear too! We have added a huge stock of men’s board shorts, beach tees, hats and other apparels. Yes, men will have another reason to visit our web store now 😉 – to shop!

So get up and ready to stock for the summer months! Shop online or at any of Molly Brown’s in-store locations in California: Newport Beach and Laguna Beach; and Nevada: Las Vegas.

Before we forget: All the latest 2014 women’s and mens swimwear are available for purchase at our online store.

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