Frankie’s Bikinis- Resewing History One Stitch At A Time

Developing a favorite swimwear line is very similar to discovering your new favorite band: you learn their history, stalk them on nearly every social media outlet available, and count the days until they release their new creation.

The phenomenon that is Frankie’s Bikinis happened just like that.

Frankie's Bikinis- Malibu Top & Bottom
Frankie’s Bikinis- Malibu Top & Bottom


Frankie’s hit the scene a little over two years ago and has not stopped growing since.

Frankie’s designer, 19-year-old designer Francesca Aiello, grew up on the sunny beaches of Malibu, spending most of her time in a bikini.  Aiello launched her line when she was 17.


Frankie's Bikinis- Oceanside Top & Bottom
Frankie’s Bikinis- Oceanside Top & Bottom


Making swimwear history, Aiello became the youngest designer to debut her 2015 line at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami this past July.

Due to her not only continuing but also groundbreaking success, the young designer has been featured in Huffington Post, Yahoo, ABC News, San Francisco Chronicle, TeenVogue, The Miami Herald, and many more.  The ambitious entrepreneur wants to expand her line to include clothing that can be worn elsewhere than the beach. 


Her collection is an incredible balance of active and flirty to satisfy the sandy surfer and the boho beach bum.


Frankie's Bikinis- St. Tropez Top & Bottom
Frankie’s Bikinis- St. Tropez Top & Bottom






See more of her 2015 collection here.








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Leon by Agua Bendita – fulfilling your wildest dreams

In just 7 years it has become one of the fastest growing haute-couture swimwear brands in the world. Its exclusive designs and the quality of each garment allowed it to have a good exposure in high-end magazines, fashion runways and international tradeshows.


Coming from sexy, wild Colombia, Molly Brown’s presents Agua Bendita’s Leon Swimsuit.


Leon by Agua Bendita

It means Holy Water in Spanish; and when you’ll don it, you’ll feel blessed as it delicately caresses your skin. Characterized by giving an innovative and modern touch to its genuine, Colombian avant-garde garments, Agua Bendita swimsuits are modern, dynamic and catchy.


A carefully brewed concoction of state-of-the-art technology, beautiful handcrafts and vivid colors that are always joyful and alive, Agua Bendita gifts you, the wearer, the look of a woman that wants to be admired, who wants to seek attention, that must be adorned. So you can see why many women identified themselves with the free sprit of this Colombian masterpiece as they are searching every nook and cranny boutique around the world to find it.


Don the African Savanna and let loose the huntress in you


This suit will have you feeling like you are on a safari. There are giraffes, zebras and lions all over the suit and will bring out the animal in you. Minimal coverage on the back. Ties at the neck and at the back. It is the perfect swimwear for you. Yes we’re talking about you ladies, the ones without inhibitions, the ones that are comfortable in their skin and about the ones that love showing off that amazing body.


Leon by Agua Bendita
The exuberant prints, the colors and the unique design makes the Leon hard to resist! Feed your huntress spirit and make all males go crazy over you!


Agua Bendita has received coverage in magazines such as Sports Illustrated and Maxim, with models such as Marissa Miller, Candice Swanepoel, and Bar Refaeli strutting their couture swimsuits and swimwear. Discover the Agua Bendita collection at Molly Brown’s Swimwear.

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How much of a Fashion Faux Pas is it to carry a tote wearing a bikini? Let’s Find Out

Think beach fashion and you can imagine yourself being bombarded by a truck load of bikini images, beach accessories and even style statements that may look great on the ramp but fall flat on their shining heads when they reach the sand and the sea. Not every look you see on magazines, tabloids or even TV will work for you and you’d better be a discerning judge when trying them out just as they are. When it comes to finalizing your look for your next beach visit because it may not come without scrutiny.


Here we’ll cover a commonly seen trend on the beach and conclude whether or not it is a fashion faux pas. We are talking about the tote and bikini combination.


So let’s make a picture for you. Imagine a beautiful sunny morning and the best beach of Europe. Ibiza, you thinking? Ibiza it is then. Now imagine you catching a sight of a beautiful bikini-clad girl’s side profile. Love her bikini? The color, the hair everything? And wait till she turns to face you and BLOP! In your face.. a beach tote hanging on the other side. Of course it’s not as bad as irregular tan lines or socks with sandals, mankinis, Hawaiian style shirts and shorts, yet it can still be a sight for the sore eyes even when it’s matching the outfit like a perfect square peg. Especially for the connoisseurs of the swimwear world.


Think about it. What does a bikini signify? Freedom and independence from clothes and the license to forget the worries of the world and dive right in to the cool blue waters. Doesn’t it? Then why carry a cumbersome tote to ruin that couldn’t-care-less vibe going for you.

Of course, we’ve heard and know it all. How totes are so wonderful, so functional and even that they are super stylish. And they indeed are but when hanging on an arm of a bikini-clad women all they seem are chunky, avoidable and not trendy. Totes are to bikinis what heels are to a football ground, forgivable but not fashionable.


But then, not carrying a tote to a beach in unimaginable! Where are you supposed to keep your sunscreen, phone, towel and other essentials? So what’s the middle ground, the remedy? Simple. Enter the beach wearing a sexy flowy cover up or a beach dress over your bikini and leave all your add-ons behind – your dress, your tote, etc. when it’s time to reveal your bikini self.


At Molly Brown’s we have bikinis, totes and the cover ups to get you started on the practice of leaving your totes behind when its time to flash your bikinis. Here’s a triptych that may impress.


Bikini, Cover Up and Tote



The bikini and the cover dress in the image are Cecilia Prado pieces which you can view and purchase by clicking the link. The Tote is a Caffe creation and can be picked up here.


P.S – Don’t be naïve to leaving them any and everywhere, make sure there’s somebody watching your things when you are diving or being a swimwear diva.

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12 Apps for the Beach – Prepare Well for Tons of Excitement


We live in the mobile powered world where our lives rely so much on the internet that sometimes it comes to the point of being preposterous. So much so, that a mobile device has become an integral part of our daily lives. So in summers, when it is time to hit the beaches, why not put technology to some good use? Info about weather, tides, food, safety and more on the beach is ready at hand when your mobile phone has got the best beach apps. So, here’s a list of most useful 12 apps for the beach:


1. Beach Finder

Beach Finder helps locate beaches and their images at differen locations you want to explore. It also shows ratings of various beaches for you to decide your next fun filled beachy weekend. This is a useful app while traveling, especially when you want to take a break in between cities and have a relaxing afternoon near the water.


2. MultiTide

It’s always better to know about beforehand about the tides and the waves, lest you want to be surprised by a sudden splash. Of course, you need more water for water sports and kids need more sand to build their sand castles and that’s why you need to be all the more prepared. MultiTide answers all your water tide questions and allows to plan much in advance.


3. BeachWeather

Going to a cloudy beach is no fun! There’s nothing better than a sunny day to make a beach visit even better. BeachWeather app provides info on individual beaches and not the cities they are in. So, know the weather at your favorite beach and plan accordingly with BeachWeather.


4. Beach Safety

This one is a must for your teenagers and for some beach education as well. It’s important to be safe at the beach and be well informed of the dangers around the water. Beach Safety helps you be aware of all dangers and prepare for the worst.


5. iSunBurn

The iSunBurn app tells about the intensity of the UV rays on a particular day and even lets you know the strength of sunscreen you’ll need to combat the harmful rays of the sun – I can hear all you girls, horraying to that! It’s important to take care of because leaving yourself burnt and excessively tanned is not a great idea. But if tan lines are your thing, check out Molly Brown’s amazing line of designer swimsuits and bikinis for perfect tan lines.


6. Perfect Tan

How do you get a perfect tan? Well, the Perfect Tan app helps you with customized tanning recommendations based on your skin type and your current beach location. Also, this incredible app has a sun timer to let you know when to turn over or call it quits. use a sunscreen lotion accordingly and have a perfect tan.


7.Weather Alert USA

The app fetches all the crucial weather information for a location of your choice. You obtain info regarding dew point, barometer, visibility ratings, maps, graphs etc. Weather Alert USA is based on NOAA assuring accurate and timely information on weather. So before planning to head to the beach, check weather at your favorite beach and have a sure-fire fun day.


8. Tide Graph

Tide Graph is another tide monitoring app like MultiTide works for both coasts in the US. It provides graphs to help the users analyse how the tides change over the day and the entire month as well.


9. NOAA Ocean Buoys

NOAA Ocean Buoys is an app for the surfers. It helps find beach spots with the best waves for surfers, swimmers and other beach sports lovers. Search for all the beaches around you with big waves so you don’t bore yourself and the kids at a dead beach.


10. Instagram

Store lovely beach memories home and share them with your friends using Instagram. Click pictures in your sexy Molly Brown’s swimwear, tweak them to give a memorable look and share them with your friends there and then. It’s the best way of collecting memories that last long.


11. Lookout

Losing stuff on the beach is common, but is a real pain when you lose your mobile phone. The Lookout app has a superb functionality. All you need to do is, borrow a friend’s phone, log in to the Lookout website and use its “lost phone finder”. It will help locate your phone on a map around the beach area.


12. That Beach Channel

Lastly, That Beach Channel is your source when you’re back from the beach to the real world. It’ll help you revisit the fun, joyous yet relaxing world of the beach and waters.


Let your smartphone be a beach-smart phone! Get tanned, look hot in Molly Brown’s swimwear and swim with the fashion currents this summer.


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Beaches and Bikinis (VI) – Molly Brown’s cocktail of time-lapses and rejuvenation for those great beachcapades

Kauna’oa Bay, Hawaii

Beaches and Bikinis

Picture Hawaii and for sure you’re conjuring images of Kauna’oa Bay without even realizing it. It’s a magical place where time unfolds at its own gentle pace. A place of cherished memories and memories still to be made.


Located on the Kohala Coast of the Aloha-state’s Big Island, Kauna’oa Bay is the quintessential, picture-postcard Hawaii. Abundant white sand, palm trees and clear blue water makes the crescent-shaped beach a natural magnet for sun worshipers, water sport enthusiasts and families in search of sandy fun.


It is a place of unearthly natural beauty, spectacular sunsets, serene starlit nights and vast panoramas of sea and sky. At night, nestle into the sands and peer out into the water to see if you are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of swimming manta rays. This is the perfect spot to rejuvenate your soul and let your spirit soar. This place is called Kauna’oa.


This magical place calls upon the playfully sexy and sophisticated women. And the embodiment of this essence is the Honolulu Bikini by Despi.

 Beaches and Bikinis

Wavy edges, knotted neck straps, and braided tie sides elevate this string bikini to new levels. The nautical stripes are understated and sexy, perfectly complemented by the hanging tassel ties on the bottom and the cheeky Brazilian coverage. The result is a mix of vintage inspiration and modern femininity. The fabrics are unbelievably soft to the touch, the textures are luxurious and the look is refined with fit firmly in mind.


Don’t wait any longer! If not Hawaii, spend a day at your nearest beach, don the Honolulu Bikini by Despi and feel the serenity of the waters!

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Beaches and Bikinis (V) – Molly Brown’s cocktail of myths and adventure for those great beachcapades

Langkawi, Malaysia

Beaches and Bikinis

Photo credit:


“Langkawi” translates into “the land of one’s wishes,” a name that suits the island’s historic origins as a reputed refuge for pirates. Since then this safe-haven has become a modern hideaway for the traveler seeking a beachcapade..


The moment you set foot on the idyllic white sandy beaches with swaying coconut trees and crystal clear azure water, you’ll be mesmerized. Forested hills, romantic white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters greet visitors to tropical Palau Langkawi, an island drifting serenely alongside Malaysia in the azure Andaman Sea. The enthralling Langkawi island is enshrouded with legends and myths as well as the archipelago of 104 islands overlooking the panoramic Andaman Seas and Straits of Malacca.


Unable to escape the smuggling history from the age of pirates, nowadays Langkawi has become a shopping haven for everyone. You can pretty much get everything from liquor to cigars, chocolates to fashion apparels and many more at tax-free prices.


Also the Island has also been named World Geopark by Unesco in June 2007. The three main conservation areas are Island of the Pregnant Maiden Lake, Kilim Karst Geoforest Park and Machincang Cambrian Geoforest Park.


Go on and sample local cuisine at the night markets, hike to dramatic waterfalls or dive into an underwater marine park to take a guided glimpse at the vibrant life beneath the sea.


And in this modern day luxuriant ex-pirate safe-haven, what would be the best summer outfit? Of course none other than the Colombian made haute couture outfit.


Molly Brown’s proudly presents Fuego by Agua Bendita.

 Beaches and Bikinis

It is the perfect swimwear for those ladies who have no inhibitions, are comfortable in their skin and love showing off that amazing body. The vivid hues of this neon suit will have you wearing it from dusk ’till dawn. And guys will be dropping like flies at your feet. Gorgeously paneled with wavy edging and tasseled ties, we promise you one thing: once you get this on, you’re not going to want to take it off. Ever!


Agua Bendita’s designer swimwear Feugo and a destination like Langkawi, Malaysia sounds like the perfect plan to glamorize the 2014 summer.

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Beaches and Bikinis (IV) – Molly Brown’s cocktail of watercolors and sand for those great beachcapades

Fraser Island, Australia

Beaches and Bikinis

Perched on the sunny coast of Queensland at about 161 miles Northeast of Brisbane you’ll find an out of this world sandy paradise. Definitely worthy of your charming presence Fraser Island stands apart from any other island is the world.


Rated in the top 10 by National Geographic as one of the most beautiful beaches, this wondrous place is the largest sand island known to man. A World Heritage Site, Fraser Island is an ecologist’s dream, with 640 square miles of unspoiled natural paradise. Its breathtaking elegance and natural attractions makes it one of the most sought after beachcapade destinations. Rain forests with 1,000-year-old trees sprout from the sand!


Rich Aboriginal heritage and a colorful European history are integral to Fraser Island. This intricate blend of cultures makes Fraser Island one of the most rare and mysterious features of Queensland’s coastline.


The countless lakes on the island have their own individual character. From lakes stained red with tannin to others with pure white sand and crystal clear water, you won’t resist the urge to simply plunge in and enjoy. Swimming in these unique lakes is going to be an experience worthy of remembering.


Lodgings here accommodates a wide range of tourists, from the backpacking ecology lover to pampered resort fans. So, whichever you are, you shouldn’t miss it for anything.


And what better Bikini to wear on this sandy marvel than the Bia Top & Bottom by Vix.

Beaches and Bikinis

Sophisticated cuts and flattering fits are a staple of Vix swimwear, perfect for both the naughty and the nice, celebrating the essence of womanhood. Made for both the sultry woman and the demure lady, the Brazilian cut makes this skimpy bikini purely delicious. And yes, perfect for showing off that hot bod of yours! Paula puts a keen focus on fit and function, blending style with comfort effortlessly.


Checkout Vix swimwear at Molly Brown’s and get set for your next beachy escape. Fraser Island is it?

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Blue Life Swimwear by Planet Blue – the debut line that rocked the swimwear world

The beach is the perfect place for Planet Blue, and the Malibu, California–head-quartered multi-brand boutique chain has introduced a private-label women’s swim line called Blue Life Swim.

The Blue Life Swimwear label is not for the women who prefer modest swim looks. It’s a provoking line, designed especially to evoke head-turning, jaw-dropping and inducing fantasies. The line features cut-out paneling on many pieces. The line’s “Malibu Racer Back” top, features a large keyhole cutout between the cleavage.. yep, that does sizzle! In the “Island Fever” triangle top, two straps of fabric create an “X” in the back of the top that creates the right kind of magic. There are cutouts in the sides of the line’s “Surf City Brazilian” bottom, and the aptly named “Free Spirit Dress” will make anyone look like a beach diva!

Malibu Racer Back    Island Fever Triangle Top & Brazilian BottomBlue Life‘s debut comes in different schemes, such as a tie-dye mixed with indigo, white and lime colors. Solids come in lime greens, blacks and reds, perfect to don when taming a tumultuous wave. Or just being pretty promenading on a dusky shoreline. There’s also a paisley print in the line. So the beach won’t be the only place for this swim line to be seen. You’ll see it at the pool, in a bar, on the street, because you can wear it with jeans and dresses. Not to mention as outfits for concerts.

Speaking of concerts, why don’t you wear a Blue Life piece at the Coachella Arts and Music Festival in Indio and see how many guys return a glance as you enjoy the fun and the attention.

Free Spirit Dress

Considering how deliciously warm it’s been in Cali this season, we’ve been caught daydreaming about all the beach-ready looks to don over this 2014 spring and summer. And since we’re getting so stoked on all things swim here at Molly Brown’s, there’s literally something for every babe in this line- from teeny bikinis, one pieces, boho prints and a sporty mesh two-piece that will slay all your old swimsuits.


Ready to get wet and party? Come! Let’s hit the perfect wave together …… on Planet Blue.


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Bikinis and Beaches (III) – Molly Brown’s cocktail of elegance and luxury for those great beachcapades

Soneva Fushi – Maldives


Slow down, simplify and enjoy life.

This place doesn’t just have character, it emanates charisma. It’s magnetic, like someone who knows himself, knows the world and greets it with a big, sunny smile.

Conscious of both mind and bodily health and yet utterly luxurious, here you slow down, you simplify and you enjoy.

You may snorkel with the resident biologist to better see and appreciate the life on the housereef or go on nature walks through the island, along the lily-lined paths under the thick canopy of mature palms. You might also visit the site where turtles lay their eggs on the beach. The beach itself is, yes, one of the best of all resort islands.

Everywhere the architecture follows nature’s precedent. The materials are warm, tactile and unrefined. They seem to have grown organically, sprouting walkways, pools, balconies, footbridges, pavilions and daybeds. It is not all rustic, it is chic too and all the luxuries are present, discreetly.

So why not don yourself with this hued-and-haute glamorous Rope Back Dress from PilyQ for conquering those shores on the other side of the hemisphere. :)

Rope Back Dress - PilyQ
European inspired ‘cabana chic’ swimwear, PilyQ is known for its classy & elegant designs while still keeping the sexiness intact. Perfect fabrics that have the best texture, one-of-a-kind prints, playful colors and sparkling embellishments make each Pily Q swimsuit a work of art.

When you live slowly, it takes a while to get around to everything you’d like to do. So we want you to have finest quality and best comfort for your sunkissed skin.

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Spring is here and so are the festivals! Our “Festival Ready” Couture Collection is here to Fix All Your Wardrobe Worries

Sunny days, starry nights, flowers all around and the music so fine! Yes! It’s the happy month of March and soon it will be April a.k.a the best time of the year – Spring and then there would begin the onslaught of festivals. (Yay!) Are you lovely Molly dolls ready or worried about keeping your festival dates because of a retrograde wardrobe? If you’re ready with your dresses, swimwear, head-to-toe accessories, then we’d like to entice you with something and if not then our “Festival Ready” collection will be your savior!

There’s still time as festivals are still a few sleeps away as most of them would pick pace in the month of June. But still being ready in time will prevent a lot of anxiety later on. Just like the spring we’d rather have our Molly dolls smiling and all-sunny instead of fretting on what to wear. So just relax and browse through our Festival Ready Collection that has the following for your wardrobe and style:

1) Tank and Maxi Dresses – Sometimes a teeny dash of fabric won’t do the magic as much as a cascade of silk wrapped around your body. Yes, we are talking about full length and short beach dresses which are oh-so classy and perfect for those laid-back mornings and dusky evenings which make perfect settings for sunset parties and alfresco musical shows.

Maxi Dresses
Maxi Dresses

2) Crochet Shorts – There’s nothing cuter than our bottoms hugged by skimpy crochet shorts! How can you resist having one of these pretty-little-things in your wardrobe when they guarantee you a wonderful look and style statement.

Crochet Shorts
Crochet Shorts

3) Lace Tops & Fringe Bottoms – Women and lace are like the perfect shoes with a dress – a little incomplete without each other. Lacey swimwear is an evergreen favorite among all kinds of beach divas and rarely misses the mark in any season. This year too, 2014 swimwear trends willingly acknowledge the eternal femininity of laced swimwear and tasseled designs.


Lace Tops
Lace Tops
Fringe Bottoms
Fringe Bottom

















4) Haute couture pants – If you ever want to flaunt your long curvaceous legs in something other than a skirt or shorts then those relaxing yoga pants would be our choice for you. Surprised? No we are not talking about those flattening and comfy-but-sloppy yoga pants. We are talking shapely pants that play the sexy for whatever you wear on top.

Crochet Pants
Crochet Pants

Apart from these, we have a great collection of bikinis which are embroidered in the right amount of Boho spirit that you need to live the festival spirit! Plus there are beach accessories that you can shop to complete your entire festival look.

Hurry, shop before everyone walks away with their favorites, except you.

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