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American Honey Swimwear… a collection of swimsuits that reflects the individuality and self-expression of its owner and chief designer, Andrea Gomez.

It is a name that stands in a field of its own. It’s chic, stylish, unique, risqué, sexy and seductive; but still maintains class and sophistication.

Born and raised on gorgeous California waters, Andrea has always been accustomed to scenic sunset views and breathtaking beaches. The influence of her Salvadorian and Spanish descent
is evident throughout each of her sultry designs.

Coming from a family of seamstresses, Andrea was destined to follow in the footsteps of her great aunt and great grandmother. As a child, she was always intrigued by her mother’s creative abilities to sew and alter clothing, dresses and costumes. She spent hours sitting next to her observing and learning how to sew and alter fabrics.

Andrea’s first direct experience with sewing came in 4th grade when she designed a pink dress with pockets for baby bunnies for a stuffed bunny, amicably named “Bubu.”

Her love for fashion grew into a deep passion during her teenage years when she began to experience with fabrics. She would spend countless hours altering her jeans and shirts, designing costumes for Halloween and customizing her high school dance and prom dresses to her own sexy, unique fit and feel.

From form fitting leopard and zebra dresses with tied up sides to a fun and flirty tinkerbell inspired short dress covered with rhinestones; Andrea always had an amazing eye for detail.

Her beloved mother and close friends would always advise her about her great eye for fashion and how she should pursue a career in the fashion industry. However at that time, she had a greater love for animals and when she found out she wasn’t accepted into the pre-vet program at UC Davis, she would soon decide to major in her 2nd love in the field of psychology at UCI (University of California Irvine).

After a short stay of a year and half at UCI, her passion for human behavior and interaction no longer had the high level of interest that it once had on her. Andrea eventually got accepted into UC Davis and transferred to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian.

2 months later and with some time to reflect, Andrea soon came back home to Orange County, where she would gather up some clarity to finally be led down the right path.

This time around, her intuitive heart, along with a strong burning desire, led her in the right direction. A passion which has been stirring inside her soul since her teen years, Andrea began designing a line of swimwear.

Originally she began with 10 different designs. With these designs in mind, she knew she wanted to create something unique, something different, something that would make a bold statement and would allow women to show off their bodies with confidence, feel sexy and empowered both inside and out.

Andrea took her ideas to Los Angeles, where she went on a search for unique fabrics, experimented with low cut bikini bottoms, Brazilian fits, sexy cuts, un-matched lacing’s, and added embellishments and metals that no one else would’ve thought possible in a swimsuit.

She always envisioned a swimwear line with the right balance of lingerie and swimwear combined and thus the creation of American Honey Swimwear was born in 2010.

Being a current graduate of FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) with a degree in apparel industry management, there is no telling the bright future that lies ahead for this business savvy, driven, determined and exceptionally passionate entrepreneur.


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