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What can you expect when a pretty 3-year old girl watches Disney's Snow White. Her dreaming of her prince charming, sure, but developing a passion for fashion design is clearly not what anyone could expect from a 3-year-old Anna. But that is just what happened and opened the doors of fashion in Anna's tiny imagination. The colorful and vibrant costume of Snow White made a definite impact on her.

Anna Kosturova spent her childhood playing dress-up. Always found experimenting in front of the mirror, Anna even got her aunt to make her the “latest” fashion inventions. But not every story goes the way we expect it to. The real world and its education system soon took over and  Anna's natural instincts were squashed down. Hence, instead of going after her dream she went on to earn a Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in textile technology. But the heart wants what the heart wants. After a couple of years, Anna left everything and plunged headfirst into her dream world and pursued fashion professionally. She calls this change in events “a personal  liberation, a process of decoding my own DNA to claim my own happiness”  And Anna Kosturova Swimwear was born.

Anna is a believer if the aquatic theory of man's origin which is a perfect explanation of her deep-rooted love for the sea and an extraordinary fascination with aquatic life. For Anna, designing swimwear and resortwear is something akin to a full circle, where all the things that she loves and is passionate about come together.

Anna Kosturova Swimwear is stunning, with each piece having a unique style & design of its own. The finest, top quality cotton crochet is used in the creation of Anna Kosturova swim & resort wear, where each piece is crocheted by hand after which they are embellished with exquisite swarovski crystals, beautiful sequins and colorful beads. Anna Kosturova bikinis are crocheted from 100% cotton which will not shrink or stretch. The swimwear is also lined with swim fabric so that the pieces maintain their amazing shape when wet.

Grab your own piece of crocheted heavenly piece at Molly Brown's before you are the only one that doesn't have the oh so sexy Anna Kosturova swimwear in your wardrobe.


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