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The idea for Bettinis came through a series of dream like events. Growing up, Bettina Bell spent her summers on the beaches of North Carolina. Ever since has been drawn to the beauty of the ocean, waves, sand, seashells, dolphins, and sandcastles. Those cherished memories brought her to Hermosa Beach, California. While having fun with friends and talking of her idea to design a small bikini, a slight twist of words happened between her name, Bettina, and the word bikini- thus Bettinis was born!

Bettinis is a swimwear brand that captures the various moods of a woman beautifully. It is the brand that epitomizes the coy side of the ladies with a flirtatious line of swimsuits and dresses. The designs, colors and cuts, all enhance the feminine side of women, encouraging them to have enjoy the beach.

Bettina, the creative soul of Bettinis, has been surrounded by the sun, sand and the sea throughout her life, discovering joyful women, any day at the beach. It is here, looking at all the beautiful women in their amazing bikinis, from where Bettina draws her inspiration and creates bikinis that women love to wear.

Bettinis Bikinis  are girly-seductive and you will definitely feel beautiful in a Bettinis. The quintessential beach-city bikinis, Bettinis' designs are the perfect blend of classic and sexy, with form-flattering cuts, eclectic prints, crochet and fringes, which make every swimsuit piece a special one.

Flaunt that amazing figure and bring out your flirtatious femininity with Bettinis swimsuits.

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