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Growing up as a lil’ girly girl in California, it is only natural that Lolli designer Vy Nguyen, feels the most fantastic in her "swimmies". From playing mermaids in the pool to surfing alongside dazzling dolphins on the waves, she had the most fun being in the water. With sand between her painted pink toes, Barbie in one hand & sprinkly covered ice cream in the other…  she fell in love with all things soft, sweet & sparkly.

As Vy got older, her favorite swimmies began to fall apart and she started to think …. Why don’t I just piece something together?  She took the tastiest details from each suit and created a delicious new one!  She and her friends started to think of all the things they wanted in a great swimmie… the perfect fit, tasty colors, scrumptious & sparkly details…. Always with a dream of starting her very own collection one day. After living and learning the ins and outs of the fashion industry, the right opportunity came along and ta dah… Lolli was born.

Creator and designer Vy Nguyen produces some of the best embellishments on bikini bottoms, straps and both the fronts and backs of swimsuit tops. In addition to bows, Nguyen utilized ruffles on both bikini tops and bottoms. Alongside the cute textures, the designs feature jaw-dropping necklines, open backs, and daring cutouts, showing just enough skin to ensure that women wearing these suits are chic and sexy while retaining the childlike whimsy vibe that Lolli spreads around like the scent of a mesmerizing perfume.

Vy is now living out her dream and putting ALL her love and a pocketful of sugary ideas into a collection that is full packed of unique and fluttery detail, bright fun colors from sugar dot candy & gum drops, to cheeky, flirty cuts & the most splendid fits, satisfying every woman’s appetite for girly delicious eye-candy!

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