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The designer duo behind Maaji, are sisters Manuela and Amalia Sierra whose Colombian roots form the strong fabric of the brand's creative genius. Think of colors, vibrancy and play of patterns and you'll know we are talking about the eclectic and romantic Maaji swimwear which makes every girl wish that she was a living on the beach forever!

Maaji pieces, whether they are retro-inspired or bohemian influenced patterns, never fail to turn their magic on. Using the best of fabrics and the most beautiful of designs, Maaji creates both “pretty and comfortable” swimwear garments for the women of today, especially those who are not interested in following a trend. Today Maaji's cult is spread over 45 countries but it all started in Colombia where the sisters began their venture.

Fueled by their family's entrepreneurial success and contribution in improving the social development of the country, the sister-turned-designer duo got on their creative spree and presented the world with a brand that is not only unique but one that thrives on innovation. And this was when they hadn't even completed their studies!

Known for creating swimwear and dresses that are trend-makers, the Maaji team works on its own terms and techniques. Nothing from the list of fun, fashion, attention to details, beauty, comfort, attitude, patterns, eclecticism is excluded when the Maaji design team gets to work. The results are fascinating and scintillating pieces of swimwear.

To see it is to believe. Shop Maaji swimwear, right here and be among the uncountable number of women and young girls who'd love to have a Maaji on their back or in their wardrobes. Just like Colombia makes a great travel destination, so does Maaji as a fashion destination for women who want cutting-edge styling, unabashed silhouettes and explosive prints and patterns while being their charming sweet self on the waves or at the beach.

Maaji swimwear is not just a gift of art, but pure love to the world from the land of colors and a pretty blue sky – Colombia.

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