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Raised in the cozy beach town of San Clemente, Ca, Oleema and Kalani Miller were brought up with the ocean in their backyard. Being blessed with a big family full of surfers and lovers of the ocean, the girls spent their childhood either in the salty water waves or on the sunny beach. These California Beach girls grew up in a bathing suit, with broad smiles on their faces, sunburns on their cheeks, and sand in their hair.

Having equally eccentric, creative, and talented designer parents, the girls were raised in a household where creativity and self-expression was a part of every day life. Through passion for art, design, as well as a solid education, the makings for something great was started at a young age.

Oleema was born with a love for all things fashion. Learning to sew from their mom, she used her imagination to draw up and create her own individual and unique wardrobe. Creating one of a kind pieces and continuously traveling throughout the world soon became part of Oleema’s daily life.

Kalani spent her childhood with a paintbrush in hand. A love of art, painting, writing and education, Kalani graduated from Univeristy of California, Santa Barbara in three years with a Major in B.A. Communications, a Minor in English, and a Minor in Business.

Taking inspiration from new found friends, foreign beaches, and distant customs and cultures, the girls decided to embark on a new adventure, creating a collection of swimwear that would reflect their love of travel, one of a kind statement pieces, and their appreciation for that perfect bikini. The Mikoh brand was then born.

Mikoh is derived from the girl’s last name, Miller, as well as the first initial of Kalani and Oleema’s and their younger sister’s name, Hana. in Japanese, Miko is a term that anciently meant a “female shaman” or a “female prophecy”.

A fusion of statement colors and prints inspired by the world around us, luxurious fabrics, and the perfect fitting pieces. Both seamless and hardware-free as well as having the option to mix-and-match all of the pieces, Mikoh truly is one of a kind.  They feel their line is “synonymous with femininity, strength and beauty… for the confident, chic woman that wants to stand out and make a statement no matter where she is.”

From the pages of glossy magazines to New York swimwear boutiques to sandy beaches around the globe, Mikoh beachwear is making a splash. These glamorous designs are perfect for boating, lounging, sipping seaside cocktails or playing in the waves. Mikoh is honored to be a part of each customer’s “journey,” as she explores beaches near and far.

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