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Describing itself as “Fantastically Rebellious”, “Sex-Infused”, “Old School” “Rock & Roll” and  “Glamor”, One Teaspoon is unabashed game-changer. The brand's story of origin is as adventurous as its own characteristics. It involves a perky and energetic-bunny 18-year old, Jamie, and her journey from Queensland to Sydney via a bus. But no Cindrella fate mitigated her struggles as she determinedly set to work and establish One Teaspoon from her bedroom floor in Sydney's Northern beaches.

But fortunes did turn and how immensely they did as they catapulted a locally owned and distributed business into an internationally followed, loved and worn brand. With their edgy, twisty and eclectic designs, One Teaspoon's swim and bathing suits became the must-have for the “quintessentially nonchalant it-girl”.

This wunderkind not only resulted in being this individualistic apparel designer but a great team-builder too as now the brand consists of a closely knit team committed to create extraordinary and helping the brand find its ground in 32 countries across the globe!

The happy story of the brand continues to bloom as celebs, youth and other style-savvy people around the world find their favor in the design ethos of One Teaspoon. So whether you want to stand apart at a beach, pool party or an uptown gathering, you can blindly rely on One Teaspoon's iconic beauty!


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