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It is fitting that ViX is named after the stunning beach city of Vitoria in Brazil, where founder Paula Hermanny was brought up and dreamed her first dreams of the style she wanted to bring to resort wear for women.
Young Paula gazed up at the jets flying through the clear Brazilian sky and imagined a woman with classic yet modern tastes – a woman who traveled around the world from Vitoria’s small exotic airport and turned heads wherever she went, from Monte Carlo to Bali. That woman grew into the inspiration for ViX swimwear and Paula's revolutionary and stunning designs.

One grandmother a seamstress, the other a glamorous, world-traveling beauty queen with impeccable taste. Her precious grandmothers are the influences that, since childhood, shaped designer Paula Hermanny into one of the most consistently innovative and creative individuals working in the swimwear fashion industry today.

From her home in La Jolla, California, Paula soaks up the sun an bathes in one of the most progressive fashion markets in the world; beach and resort wear. Her frequent trips to worldwide destinations keep her sense of style sharp and her eye for detail focused. She remains committed to the art of taking fabric and accessories and creating timeless, beautiful designs that would make her grandmothers Joana and Izaura proud.

Even today, as she crafts her latest collections of bathing suits for women, Paula still pictures the imaginary world traveler and, in her mind’s eye, dresses her with visions of elegance and beauty.

"When I'm designing, I picture that woman, who represents everything there is about style," Hermanny said. "One year, I might see her in St. Barts and I can picture what she’s going to be wearing, and that image becomes the basis for my collection." Shop all your favorites from Vix with us.

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