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One Teaspoon

One Teaspoon Activewear  - For the sexy rebel

Untamed, unconventional and wild are the best words to describe One Teaspoon.

Dynamic styles fused with intricate designs and ritzy prints, make you feel like taking the world head on while wearing their activewear. One Teaspoon is flawless for the women who love making bold statements about who they are and who enjoy the wild side of things.

Fond of going beyond the confines of conventional design, One Teaspoon has rocketed from a vanguard of the fashion scene to a all-around-the-world hit. Jamie, the creator of One Teaspoon, envisions clothing for the independent women by drawing from eclectic design inspirations and transcending trends, thus each collection is inherently both relentless and comfortable; the epitome of the new cool daft punk.

One Teaspoon is a beach-based fashion house and it consists of Jamie and an incredible team that consistently contests the status quo of the swimwear fashion industry. Nurturing a warm family vibe, this small team has been rallying around each other to create pieces of art worth writing home about.

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