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Anna Kosturova
New collections coming!

Anna Kosturova Cover ups and Dresses – Beauty for Beautie

Compulsion. Obsession for fashion design. Extravagance. Beautiful motifs. That is how anyone would describe Anna Kosturova's swimwear and apparel collection.
Preferring real-life proportions to dolls, Anna started to make the ”latest” fashion inventions at a very young age.

Anna Kosturova swimwear and apparel are designed following the aquatic theory of man’s origin because it perfectly explains the unusual love of water and fascination with sea life. Proof of this: her beauitful cover ups and dresses.

Designing swimwear and resort wear is just a “full circle” – a perfect culmination where everything that women love comes together. And the collection of Anna's beautiful cover ups at our store shows us her real talent as a designer of beauty!

Beauty is what we are addicted to and beauty is what Molly Brown's want to give with our Anna Kosturova pieces – especially the Marissa tennis dresses! Yes, we know you have your eyes on it. :) 

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