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Paul and Shark
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Paul and Shark traces its roots back to 1921 to a traditional woolen mill in a village just outside Milan. The Paul and Shark brand developed in the mid 1970s, specifically to develop sportswear for men. The success was in adding Italian flair and style to men’s sportswear and making the transition from the arena to the street.

Paul and Shark is typically European in its approach to style – understated elegance and sophistication are top concerns. Particularly popular amongst the yachting fraternity, the brand has continued to establish a name for quality sports and casual wear that doesn’t look out of place on board a million dollar yacht or at the bar in the clubhouse.

It’s this Italian sophistication that has made Paul and Shark Swimwear  a byword for elegance and quality products. The attention to detail is precise, uncompromising and a driving factor in all their collections. This is a brand that doesn’t need to shout its presence in the marketplace. It quietly gets on with things, infinitely practical, utterly stylish and very desirable.

The label’s heritage shines through with every collection and new designers have brought a freshness and novelty to the brand that has brought it right up to date and very 21st Century.

Shop for Paul and Shark swimwear at Molly Brown's and enjoy the understated elegance that this brand is.

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