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Blue Life by Planet Blue
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Blue Life by Planet Blue Swimwear - Embodying the Californian Spirit

Planet Blue’s in-house brand, Blue Life, symbolizes the essence of the true Californian girl spirit. The Blue Life swim collection closes a gap in the swimwear market with their authentic line of basics, portraying the Planet Blue girl’s lifestyle. Brought up in Oahu, Ling was galvanized by the sandy beaches, by the bohemian-chic and comfortable yet sexy life on the coast, and the name itself is the pretty picture of those golden childhood years.

A collection of beatnik shapes, lifestyle essentials and hand-created tie-dyed pieces, Blue Life's designs are made to take girls from the comfort of their home to the life filled beaches, to the vibrant street and anywhere in between. Her beachwear is meant to slip off one’s shoulder, delicately revealing one’s beauty through smart cutouts or show a bit of leg through delicate slits. “We love skin. It’s always important to show a little”, says Ling.

Planet Blue swimwear pays tribute to its earthy roots, by getting their feet wet and becoming the lifestyle and fashion destination of Southern California, encompassing all that is fashion, braided with the colorful threads of bohemian beach culture.

With an eternally evolving creative attitude, the brand defines the authentic Californian way of life, a distinct fashion style that has since been replicated around the world.

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