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Boys + Arrows

Clairee Bottom

by Boys + Arrows

Dancin Dixie Top

by Boys + Arrows


Kiki The Killer Btm

by Boys + Arrows

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Boys + Arrows – Fueled by passion. Created with love

Meagan Scott is the brains behind the Ventura based swimsuit line: Boys and Arrows It is the perfect combination of sexy and cute - well that is exactly how we would describe Boys and Arrows! Tailored for the fun, fearless girls, Boys + Arrows is just a playful name about women weaponry and chasing boys.

Boys + Arrows are committed to inspire and enlighten women all around the world. Boys do not get to have all of the fun!

Boys + Arrows Swimwear is a classic company whose inspiration comes from endless memories of sun, sand, and smiles. The mission is to develop a brand that will be around for years to come. Staying true to their image, this swimwear collection is meant to inspire strong, confident women with an appetite for adventure and a passion for life.

Boys + Arrows is a gang of gals who do what they are afraid to do and take chances in love, and in life. “We shall never give up, and we will always remember to laugh”.

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