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Cali Dreaming
If you were looking for a swimwear that you could wear like second skin then you'll be glad for Cali Dreaming swimwear which takes natural and nude tones to another levels in designer swimwear! Cali Dreaming swimwear had the guts to pull off a great collection when everyone was drifting away from the monotones and solid ensembles! Not just the use of nudes and earthiness but the prints and texture also adds to the exotica of Cali Dreaming bikinis and swimsuits. Carrie Jardine designs the swimwear using her original watercolor paintings. All Cali Dreaming swimwear pieces and bikinis scream of creativity and uniqueness! The cuts, the broad hems and the rim lines all standout stylishly and are stunningly far-from-the-usual. Take a look at the Molly Brown's selection of Cali Dreaming's products and you'll know the individuality and striking elegance that this brand is full of. Wear one of the Cali Dreaming swimwear pieces and be admired and noticed everywhere you go! Molly Dolls, embrace your sophisticated fashion sense while looking every bit of a glamor girl with Cali Dreaming.

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