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Cecilia Prado
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Cecilia Prado Dresses and Cover Ups – You'll Make them your second skin!

The beautiful Cecilia Prado dresses will soon be seen on every beach in the US of A. You're wondering how? Well, these exotically made hand-knit dresses and pants have already amassed so much popularity that it seems that every girl along the sunny shores will want to wear them to the beach at least once!

Cecilia Prado dresses and swim cover ups bring to you the character and charm of the tropical Brazil like no other designer brand. They are flirty, elegant and contoured to match your body and style. Cecilia Prado swimwear is cut in contemporary designs – Kaftans, dresses and hand-knit pants. At Molly Brown's we present the famous Rendado dress, pants and Kaftan in tropical colors.

Comfortable and so chic, these cover ups and beach dresses have the full potential to become your second skin. All you need to do is just slip into them once and let the soft fabric and the sexy fit of the dress do the rest.

The dresses make a perfect partner to the stunning hand-knit Cecilia Prado bikinis. Get the entire set of perfect swimwear clothing from our store and be ready in time for what could be your most fashionable summer. This season, Cecilia Prado swim dress and bikini designs may just be the in-thing across all verticals of swimwear fashion.

Better upgrade your wardrobe now before it all gets sold out!

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