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Greenlee swimwear is an Eco-conscious brand that offers some classic and stunning pieces. The brand was born from the passionate desire to create better fitting swimsuits that have a positive impact on the world. Also known as LRB, they are made out of recycled nylon, proving that just a small effort goes a long way.

Every audacious piece of swimwear is crafted in Los Angeles and the luxury line rallies for sustainable fashion and business practices. Greenlee's business philosophy is to integrate Eco-friendly fashion into mainstream apparel.

The brand revolves around the simple concept of mix and match swim separates, in classic yet sexy silhouettes. This luxury line can be styled to any woman's preference. You can pick any tops and bottoms to create the perfect bikini.

Focused on fit, style, luxury and conscience, the 2018 collection is made of recycled nylon (plastic) and made in the US. Each piece from Greenlee swim masters the perfect cocktail of Euro chic and Brazilian essence with an LA twist.

Grenlee's mission is simple: to inspire a fundamental shift toward environmental responsibility in the textile industry.
Together we can influence a greener future… and look damn good doing it.

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