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Pacific & Driftwood
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Conventional is so passe! At least that's what this designer swimwear label thinks. Pacific & Driftwood swimwear designs are not just avant garde but can shock you out of your wits – of course in a happy stylish way. If you're looking for modesty, apologetic silhouettes or simply an uncomplicated bikini, then we advise that you look elsewhere because Pacific & Driftwood is everything but that. Inspired by California and their love for originality and uniqueness, the designers at Pacific & Driftwood impress with their sense of aesthetics which makes their bikinis playful, extremely fashionable and wearable by the bold and the risk takers. The great thing about Pacific and Driftwood swimwear is that it's not about the body but about being bold! In this Pacific and Driftwood designer line, Molly Dolls can find their soul-mate bikinis, cut-out one pieces and perky little shorts that will make any poolside retreat or a beach visit fun and out of this world comfortable! Shop the exclusive Molly Brown's Pacific & Driftwood fashionable swimwear collection and give a real make over to your beach wardrobe!

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