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Be Wild! Be Sauvage!

Sauvage swimwear is one of the few brands that has grown organically over the years. The overall feel for Sauvage swim has evolved from wild to glamorous and elegant.

Sauvage swimwear is classy, sexy, stylish and everything that impresses a beach diva! Sauvage is definitely edgy, ahead of the trends. Elizabeth Southwood, the brand's designer, is constantly thinking of inspirations that can come from clothes, shoes and movies. It’s a constant evolving process.

Yet Sauvage swimwear is not for everybody. Their designs are for the confident, successful woman, aged 25-45. Because that is the age of Glamour and Elegance – infused with a sexy edge that Elizabeth incorporates from the finest European fabrics and trim, with a nod to the late 70s and early 80s for the sharp edges and bold colors.

Hawaii and California will always and forever epitomize the essence of swimwear. The Beach Boys and the infamous guitarist Dick Dale offer unfading memories about hanging out at the beach or about how hitting the waves with a Hawaiian striped board that started the crave for looking and feeling sun-kissed gorgeous.
Sauvage does the same thing! With an upscale twist. Today, swimwear has moved over to donning your monkini on the deck of a yacht in strap-heeled sandals, large shades and a wide brim to complete your deluxe look.
Owner and designer, Elizabeth Southwood, and her partner, Simon, created Sauvage swimwear in San Diego, California. Elizabeth has more than a decade of experience and it shows in each piece of her designs. Season after season, she strives to refine and perfect what it means to be and look sophisticated and sexy by the poolside.
Her vintage inspired swimwear incorporates Swarovski crystals and the excitement of plunging necklines with high-waist straps accentuated with gold chains, metallic hooks and starburst gems adds allure with a unique high-end look. They deliver sex appeal and haute couture.

This is the true reflection of the superior style and fit that Sauvage is known for. The epitome of beach glamor.

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