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Swimwear - Boyshort

New collections coming!

Booyeah for Boyshorts! 

Boyshort bikini bottoms are cutest thing you'll be wearing this summer. Don't agree? Just throw a glance at our collection and you'll be drooling over boyshorts in no time! We know about your full coverage repulsions, your bare-all fashion aspirations for this summer season and in all of this the humble boyshort doesn't really fit, does it? It sure does! 

We have boyshort bikinis that are not humble but outright flirty and as cheeky as they come. You will be willing to give Brazilian cuts a break, once you slip on these perfectly fitting bikini bottoms. Team these up with a skimpy triangle top or a keyhole bikini top and you'll be a walking sensation. 

Poor boyshorts always get overshadowed by their skimpier counterparts but you'll only love them if you pay a little bit more attention to their fabulous fit and the comfort they assure.

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