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Swimwear - Full-coverage

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The Classic Full Coverage Collection

A lot of times we get too much attached to a particular style that breaking away from it almost seems like a fashion crime. This is somewhat what has happened with coverage and swimwear. Any time you see the words swimwear and coverage together, the first reaction is always negative one. Who wants to be covered in layers of fabric in the sun and the sand? You tend to question the style trend itself and finally realize that you're happy with your 'skimpy is sexy' belief . But what if we show you our collection of full coverage bikinis that are as rocking as their skimpier counterparts, would you bite the bait? Of course you would, no fashionista will be able to resist these beautifully made swimwear pieces in different styles offering full coverage. 

Why not give the more is less a try for this 2018 summer swimwear season and see if it keeps your fashion quotient soaring high? Choose from full coverage crop tops, high-waisted bikini bottoms, hipster bottoms, triangle tops, bandeaus and others. All these numbers are from top swimwear brands such as Vitamin A, L Space, Luli Fama and others.

Let those skimpy bikinis be where they are for now and try something fresh from our full coverage swimwear collection! 

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