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Swimwear - High-waisted

Sienna High Waist

by Vitamin A

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High-Waisted Bikinis – Be Lady Like 'Hot'!

Okay.. this trend is a bit difficult to describe but if you'd just TAKE A LOOK at this beautiful, figure-enhancing high-rise waist, you wouldn't need any convincing or rationale to like it. We bring to you the prim 'n' proper; the pretty lady; the get-ur-class-back trend for this year's summer and swim season.

We bet you Molly Dolls are already thinking to get these and resurrect the Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn look and we don't blame you at all. These high-waisted bikini sets make you feel nostalgic but also very lucky at the same time. Lucky? Because now you can totally rock the beach with some yesteryear glamor. And if you're worried about looking too dated, then we assure you that you won't! These high-waisted bikinis are as contemporary and as 2018 as you want them to be. Clever use of fabric and interesting sartorial cuts ensure that these pieces are sexy but not old school. 

Thought your mom looked so pretty in her high rise bikini from the 60s? Well time for the second generation to take the lead. Get one of these women's high-waisted bikinis for your 2018 swimwear wardrobe

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