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Swimwear - Wrap-top

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Wrap Top Bikinis – Sass It Up & Kick Out In Style!

If there was ever a bikini trend that you could rock all summer, it is this one! No, we're not over-stretching it one bit. A wrap top bikini exudes sexiness where you least expect it. Imagine just a bunch of cross-wired straps or strings could make you look so hot yet so comfy at the same time. 

Wrap top bikinis often feature the keyhole designs too, which make these bikinis effortlessly stand apart from their regular counterparts. They look stunningly super under swim dresses too as what's peeping from the inside is not a single boring strap or string but hot and sexy patterns. 

You can look fashionable without an embellishment or even makeup by picking one of the beauties off our wrap top swimwear collection. You'll thank yourself for the choice and others for the compliments they'll shower on you.

We're pretty sure that you won't mind the strings attached on these gorgeous swimwear pieces. 

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