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Water Glamour
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Water Glamour Swimwear – Designed for your Beach-bound Spirit

When it comes to swimwear, it's always about the sexy fit, the fabulous cuts and the form-flattering contours. The question remains: how many designer brands out there can also guarantee a fully functional and sporting bikini that doesn't get in the way of a beach ball match or water sports? We have one such brand that promises no-hassle bikinis that are neither short on sexiness nor on functionality and are reversible. All hail Water Glamour!

Water Glamour is a brand that took birth in California with the idea of having a bikini line that doesn't compromise on either practicality nor on the glamor quotient. The result was a tremendous collection named Water Glamor, where in water it represents the love for the sea, the sun, sand and everything beach-related and Glamor, the inherent quality of each and every Water Glamour piece. Read the entire bio of the brand.

Water Glamour swimwear is for everyone. Whether you are the girl next door, a mom-of-two, a lover of beaches, a party girl or someone who loves those relaxing and unwinding evenings on the shore-side. Their bikinis are subtle with subdued prints and softer color tones which will look amazing during the day and stand out among the bling at night pool parties.

Water Glamour cover ups  are equally fabulous and match perfectly with any bikini in your collection; WG or not. The cover ups are beautifully designed in soft and luscious fabrics making the wearer feel sensual and attractive every single time.

Water Glamour designs are simple yet sexy and perfect for the woman who enjoys the sand in her toes more than applying lotion on her back.

Get the best of both styles (sexy and sporty) in Water Glamour bikinis. Shop them now.

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